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How To Choose A Home Inspector

By Camrin Parnell | August 26, 2010 | No Comments

Choosing a competent home inspector is essential when selling or buying a home. Many Realtors have their chosen few and usually give their clients a list to chose from. You ask yourself, is the home inspector qualified, is he experienced in the type of home I want to buy or sell, does the inspector belong to a professional organization and is the inspector continually upgrading his/her skills. If the answer is yes, that is great, but, one of the most important skills of  home inspection  is how are his/her communication skills to relate what was observed to his client, so the client can make an informed decision. It is your responsibility to source the best home inspector, it is easy to rely on the agent to give you names and offer discounts for certain inspectors. Mike Holmes has a TV show featuring bad inspectors, but, he does not tell you the whole story. When choosing a home inspector check out testimonials, referrals from friends or past clients and do not go price shopping with inspection specials or discounts. You get what you pay for, no matter what promise they offer, bad or inexperienced inspectors are out there and they are getting business at your expense. Hamilton home inspections are increasing in numbers due to increased sales, competition is growing, so when searching for Hamilton home inspectors there are a lot to from, doing your due diligence will payoff in the long run.

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