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Home Inspection- Stone Wall Basements

By Camrin Parnell | November 15, 2010 | No Comments


BLT Home Inspections performs many home inspections in the older neighbourhoods of Hamilton, Waterdown and rural areas. Century homes typically have stone foundations and no weeping tiles for water drainage, these types of basements were not meant to be a living space. Home inspections of century home basements will uncover damp and sometimes wet conditions. The floors are typically dirt and sometimes concrete poured over a dirt floor and the mortar between the foundation stones is usually deteriorating and must be repointed. A  BLT home inspection may also point out efflorescence on the stone wall as seen in the photo, which is an observation that indicates possible moisture problems. Mold is another home inspection obersvation that accompanies damp, wet basements. The home inspector will also point out the cast iron waste stack as seen in the photo, which is another indication of an older home dating back to at least to the 1940’s and earlier. Prospective clients who are interested in century homes must be aware of the problems associated with stone wall foundations.

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