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Basement Observations

By Camrin Parnell | December 1, 2010 | No Comments

The  Hamilton home inspector recognized the cracked concrete foundation had signs of efflorescence at the bottom of the wall. Efflorescence is a white powdery substance indicting the presence of moisture, but, does not necessarily indicate water seepage into the basement. A  Hamilton home inspector will educate his client to the fact that all cracks have the potential to allow water seepage into the basement area. The home inspection may not be able to determine if the crack  travels through the foundation, evidence of efflorescence could indicate a potential leak source and the home inspector should advise the client to seek the advice of a licensed basement contractor. The home inspector should inspect the exterior to determine if any visible signs contribute to the water seepage such as poor grade, discharge from downspouts and make a recommendation to correct such deficiencies. Non visible problems that can contribute to basement water problems are, clogged weepers and soil conditions below grade. The home inspection also discovered that the support wall had no bottom plate and was positioned on the gravel bed, without a solid footing, settling of the support area resulted in cracks in the wall and ceramic tile floor. The home inspector recommended a concrete footing and bottom plate.

The Waterdown home inspection of a new home discovered possible drainage problems from the weepers. New home inspections, often observe dirt laden water from the weepers built up in the sump pit clogging the pump operation, resulting in a pit overflow. Sump pumps are required in rural areas, high water table areas and century homes for better drainage and remodeling of basements due to poor drainage.  All sump pumps should have a back flow preventer to stop the pump from recycling and in areas where excessive water is drained and possibly a pump backup in case of hydro blackouts. BLT has performed considerable new home inspections  throughout the Golden Horseshoe area, Hamilton home inspections, Waterdown home inspections, Burlington home inspections and Ancaster home inspections.

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