Your Defect Recognition Inspector

Electrical Sub Panel

By Camrin Parnell | December 3, 2010 | No Comments

The location of an electrical sub panel must be located with the same care as a main panel. The Burlington home inspector during his Burlington home inspection, did not mention the location of the sub panel to the seller’s real estate agent. Some backgroung information, Sundays I visit open houses, I met a new agent and she had a concern and asked if I would kindly advise her, so I did. The basement was finished and the sub panel was hidden in a closet with linen tight against the panel front. The agent thought the location of the sub panel was incorrect and I confirmed her suspicion. The house was sold and the Burlington home inspector did not mention the sub panel location in his home inspection report as a deficiency. When are people going to wake up and research the home inspector’s qualifications, experience and forget about price discounting and agents’ lists. I do not know how the home inspector was choosen, but, obviously it was a wrong decision.

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