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By Camrin Parnell | January 24, 2011 | No Comments


The Hamilton home inspection in a new home development discovered a kink in the condensate tube of an On Demand Hot Water Heater. The client had no idea of the potential consequences concerning possible condensate blockages. In simple terms, condensate comes from the cooling of the exhaust gases, it is slightly acidic  and can rust out furnaces or water heaters well before their time. The kink can slow down the flow of condensate and potentially cause a backup of condensate which would affect and eventually rust out the heat exchanger. All condensate lines whether they originate from the A coil ( air conditioner ) or the heat exchanger of a furnace or water heater should be free of kinks,  mold or algea build up which may also can affect condensate flow. The consequences of condensate backup are very costly and yet the solution is very simple, regular maintenance. The Hamilton home inspector educated his client with regards to some simple maintenance procedures that should be undertaken to protect his/her investment and reduce the risk of a malfunction which could cost hundreds or possible replacement of the component. Being an educated home owner can save you much grief and expense, choosing the right Hamilton home inspector or Waterdown home inspectior to inspect your new home is essential, do your homework.

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