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New Home Inspection

By Camrin Parnell | January 24, 2011 | No Comments



The client did not have a Hamilton home inspector present during his new home  PDI, Pre-Delivery Inspection. We could have caught all the deficiencies, cosmetic, systems, components and lessened the family stress instead of waiting for the 1 year new Hamilton home inspection.  The above photo shows the location of an electric clothes drier in a new townhouse development. The client was concerned about others problems that I will mention in detail on another Hamilton home inspection blog. The drier exhaust vent was extremely long, the slope was like a roller coaster, in addition to,  the (4) 90 degree elbows required to exit at an external wall. Each elbow represents approximately 8 to 10 linear feet, therefore, the  exhaust vent was approximaelty  40 feet long. The other observation was the flexible vent material and black duct tape  to seal the connections. The implication of the vent connector being too long is possible blockage by built up  lint, heat build up, creating a possible fire hazard, for additional information concerning the causes of drier fires check the web and you will be surprised how many fires start because of overheated drier exhaust vents due to lint build up. Due to a poor layout of services, the client must now relocate the plumbing and electrical service for the washer/drier to achieve the safest vent connector length for the drier.  

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