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Moisture in Attic

By Camrin Parnell | April 16, 2011 | No Comments

A friend called me from Hamilton a couple of days ago and told me she has condensation dripping  in the gable part of her attic. The home in Hamilton is approximately 60 years old and some renovations have been performed some years back. This  observation can happen anywhere, whether I am doing a Hamilton home inspection service, home inspection Waterdown or Burlington home inspection service. The client had called two roofing companies with well known names in the area, their reply was that old attics have this problem and there is nothing wrong. The  Hamilton home inspection service went to visually inspect the attic, the attic was dry, however, mold was obvious covering the sheathing. The Hamilton home inspector gave her some suggestions, check all ceiling fixtures  into the attic for holes where moisture can escape into the attic, check the attic hatch, seal the hatch, seal the holes with a suitable caulking, check for soffit ventilation, add ventilation if required, move the bat insulation away from the soffits and add baffles. Mold requires moisture and material to grow such as paper or wood, if we remove the moisture and add ventilation mold growth should become inactive. The home inspector suggested for her to call a mold remediation company if she wanted to remove the existing mold from the sheathing. Obviously, the roofing representatives did not know how to deal with the situation, nor did they give her a referral for the problem. Bottom line, seek additional advice if you think something is just not right.

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