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Pull Down Stairs to Attic

By Camrin Parnell | October 6, 2013 | No Comments



The home inspection uncovered 3 issues in the attic. First, the pull down stair kit is not properly insulated, imlpication being, heat loss from the home into the attic and during the summer months heat can escape from the attic into the home increasing energy costs. Recommendation is to seal and insulate the stair construction, always a problem. Secondly, the installer cut the web support for the engineered truss, implication being, structural issue and a designer, engineer or licensed carpenter familar with structural framing should evaluate the potential problem and repair, thirdly, the seller used the attic as a storage area and compacted the insulation, implication being, heat loss into the attic increasing energy costs. We did observe black areas on the sheathing which may be fungi growth due to the amount of warm air escaping into the attic. I suggested to the client to remove the OSB boardson the ceiling joists used for storage, re-insulated the compacted areas and to call an quality specialist for an air sample. The client has a small child with allergies.

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