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Flipping a Century home

By Camrin Parnell | March 12, 2014 | No Comments

19 Magill Street Hamilton 073  The home inspection of the century home uncovered 3 issues from this photo, in order of importance, structural beam not stable, efflorescence on the stone foundation and uncovered dirt crawl space. The beam is supporting the floor joists and the wood columns are positioned on stones, lateral movement of the columns is possible, the beam size may not be sized properly to support the load from the above floor. Efflorescence suggests moisture is in contact with the foundation, if moisture seeps into the uncovered crawl space, dampens the soil, the moisture from the soil could rise and affect the wood structure above, in addition to releasing odours from the dampened soil.

I recommended a structural or design engineer to evaluate the structural issue, beam size and footings for the columns, secondly, call a qualified basement contractor to evaluate the crawl space, cover the soil and evaluate the stone foundation. Homes of this vintage do not have drainage systems around the footings of the foundation. Typical solutions maybe to excavate the exterior, extend all down spouts, use gutter guards to avoid overflowing, create positive grades around the foundation


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