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“The voice of the Ontario Home Inspection Profession,                   “Fewer than 42 in Ontario hold this designation”

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Bruce is a Registered Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector serving his home town of Waterdown and the Flamborough area. New residential areas are being established and the need for Waterdown and Flamborough home inspections by registered inspectors is growing. A BLT home inspector in the Waterdown area will give the new home buyer the critical information required to protect their investment. Home inspections Waterdown are necessary for any prospective seller, buyer, renter or property investor. The housing market in Waterdown, Flamborough is diverse, comprised of century homes, new homes and rural properties each having their own pitfalls. A Waterdown home inspection will not only highlight the good features of a home, but, also the deficiencies. Older homes often have maintenance issues that may not be repaired by the home owner and the Waterdown home inspector will advise the prospective buyer of such issues. A BLT home inspector will bring all the features to the attention of the new buyer or seller in a comprehensive home inspection report.

The home inspector will customize the report for your home outling the deficiencies, maintenance issues, implications and formulate recomendations. The report will be complimented by digital photos for your Waterdown home inspection. The digital photos will pin point the exact issue whether it is a maintenance or deficiency issue, all the better to negotiate a price. Visit BLT’s blog ( photo gallery ) to see just some of the issues gathered over the years. You can trust BLT, he is reliable, honest, courteous and he has the experience you require, he is in your corner.