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“The voice of the Ontario Home Inspection Profession,                   “Fewer than 42 in Ontario hold this designation”

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If you are looking for CREDIBILITY, visit the google reviews and BLT’s client testimonials, if you are looking for APPEAL, BLT is professional, courteous and reliable, if you are looking for EXCLUSIVITY, our attention is focused on your biggest investment, if you are looking for CLARITY, review BLT’s sample report, concise explanations, digital photos.

When clients or agents ask a home inspector how many years he/she has been in business the answer is often misleading. My home inspection service has been up and running for X years. However, what you are missing is what kind of experience have you had, such as, have you inspected new homes, older homes, century or a combination of all and what issues have you identified during those years, that is the information you require for a professional home inspection, BLT has that kind of experience.

BLT is a Registered Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector who is comfortable performing home inspections in urban, suburban or rural settings such as Stoney Creek’s real estate market. Stoney Creek is part of the big picture, Hamilton, its’ housing availability is diverse, from century homes to newly built mansions. A home inspection in Stoney Creek requires the home inspector to have a watchful eye when inspecting older homes, maintenance items are usually neglected until the new owner arrives, flipping older homes seems to be a familiar practice, not only in Stoney Creek, but, in the Golden Horseshoe area. Clients must choose carefully when deciding which inspector to use, not being familiar with a particular age of home or failure to recognize issues can be very costly to the client.

BLT Home Inspections performs pre-listing, pre-sale and Tarion Home Warranty inspections in the Stoney Creek region. The home inspector will customized your report to suit your Stoney Creek home. The report is a wealth of information, describing the issue, implication and recommendation, in addition, digital photos pinpointing maintenance and deficiency issues, these photos will be critical in negoitating your purchase price. Browse our testimonials and you will notice the words detailed, thorough, easy to understand and honest. Visit our blog ( photo gallery ) and you will see various issues we have discovered assisting our clients to make the best possible decision. You can trust BLT Home Inspections, he is professional, reliable, honest and courteous, he has the experience you require.