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Home Inspection Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist ( RHI ) ( CMI )

If you’ve been doing your comparison research when shopping for a home inspector, you’re probably aware that the industry as a whole (in Ontario, anyway) is pretty unregulated. Some home inspectors are certified, what does that mean, others aren’t. Some have experience; others just wake up one morning and decide that they’re going to inspect homes. However, when choosing a Registered Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector you can be sure he has the education from a recognized institution, proctored exams, experience and a comprehensive reporting system accompanied by digital photos. What I, as a home inspector, personally find irritating is the lax manner with which some some inspectors determine what they’re going to look at, and what they aren’t. Their personal home inspection checklist, as it were.

The idea of a home inspection checklist seems straightforward and obvious, right? Something a home inspector would use on every job or to provide their client with a general idea of what systems of the home the inspector is planning to take a look at. However, many home inspectors don’t use checklists; some don’t provide formal reports, and many who do, provide vague, thin documents that aren’t really actionable by you, the homeowner.

At BLT Home Inspections, we provide a full inspection and full report every single time. You can see an example report here. While every home is different, and may have more or less to inspect depending on features, you can also view a general Home Inspection Check List here.