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Honesty About Home Inspection Costs

Honesty About Home Inspection Costs ( RHI ) (CMI )

Recently I was doing research to determine what type of content visitors to my website were looking for. I checked out trending topics to see what conversations were happening in the home inspection industry, and spotted something disconcerting.

It seems one of the most in-demand pieces of information is around home inspection costs. I understand why, of course. Homeowners looking on line are more apt to comparison shop for these sorts of services. They also want to make sure they’re not getting ripped off, and are paying a fair price. I’m a consumer too, so I understand these concerns.

Let me be open and honest about the cost of a home inspection: The price is mobile (within reason), and depends on many factors. Size of the house, layout, age, complexity of certain systems, etc. Asking the price of a home inspection is much like asking the price of a house without providing details.

I’m sure consumers understand that, too. As a Registered and Certified Master Home Inspector I’m not selling a cookie-cutter service that’s the same every time. Some houses are small, some large; some have easy access to areas and others require considerable manoeuvering to navigate in tight spaces.

The best way to get an idea of home inspection costs for the home you’re buying or selling is to contact me. This isn’t so I can harass or hard-sell you, it’s because until I know pertinent details I can’t price your home inspection job.