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How to Choose A Hamilton Home Inspector

How to Choose A Hamilton Home Inspector ( RHI ) ( CMI )

When it comes down to it, picking which Hamilton home inspector to hire can be a difficult decision. Hamilton housing is very diverse, comprised of many homes built prior to 1970, BLT’s home inspector work load is approximately 75 % urban and rurals homes built prior to 1970. There are quite a few of us around, and we all have our own experience and advantages. When deciding, take these two key items into account:

#1 – Written Reports

This is a big deal. If your Hamilton home inspector doesn’t provide formal, written reports accompanied by digital photos then you have no real idea what you need to take action on. A few quick comments handwritten on a notepad with stock responses isn’t enough.

A written home inspection report should encompass three basic areas:

  • Overview – A detailed picture of the house on the day of the inspection, itemizing all the major components and their condition.
  • Maintenance Items – A listing of items in need of normal maintenance or attention. This list will allow you to be pro-active in your approach to home maintenance, and hopefully, minimize your risk of being blind-sided by an unexpected expense you could have been saving for, if you had known about it.
  • Major Repair Items – This is any home defect with the potential to present a significant expense to you, in the near term. These items should be clearly identified.

#2 – Home Inspector Credentials ( RHI ) ( CMI )

Home inspectors aren’t required by law to be licensed by any industry body, mostly because there isn’t one universal certifying authority. Having a Registered Home Inspector, a designation granted by the Ontario Association of Home Inspections under the assent from the government of Ontario is crucial. A Certified Master Inspector must have 1000 CEUs, continuing education credits, a combination of home inspections and education. A Registered Home Inspector has their education, experience and reports verified by a board of their peers, this is the only organization that performs this task, so you know the RHI is qualified to perform your home inspection. Make sure you know who you’re hiring, ensure your inspector has experience with the age of the home you are going to purchase.