Plumbing Observations

//Plumbing Observations

Plumbing Observations

The home inspector for BLT Home Inspections during his  Hamilton home inspection observed steel water pipe supply in the basement. The presence of steel piping during any Hamilton home inspection or Waterdown home inspection would indicate an older home probably pre early 1950’s. Steel water supplies rust from the inside, decreasing water volume, pressure and usually leak at the threaded connections. The home inspector would advise the client to replace all steel water supplies on a maintenance schedule based upon their budget plans. Insurance companies may also voice their opinion regarding replacement due to the possibility of water leakage. Replacement of hot water and horizontal piping would be the first sections to replace if on a maintenance and budget schedule, otherwise, replacement of all steel supply lines is advisable.

The other Hamilton home inspection, is a basement observation, a “S” trap under the concrete laundry tub, in addition, the material happens to be lead,  again, we are talking definitely pre 1950’s home construction. The home inspector will then check the incoming water line and determine if the line is lead, steel or upgraded to copper. A “S” trap is not allowed in residential construction, siphoning of the trap can remove water and allow sewer gases to be emitted into the house causing an unhealthy home environment. “S” traps are commonly found in basement renovations, I believe mostly due to poor planning and space conservation, with a little ingenuity “S” traps could probably be avoided. The home inspector would advise the client to change the “S” trap to a “P” trap or monitor the existing trap for sewer odors. 

Home inspections Hamilton, home inspections Waterdown, home inspections Burlington and home inspections Stoney Creek , older homes are challenging, the home inspector must communicate to the client accurate information, but, in a manner that does not seem to be overwhelming, especially to the first time home buyer.

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