New Home Inspections

//New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections

BLT Home Inspections performs many new home inspections. Home inspections Hamilton and home inspections Waterdown are growing in number. New home inspections  are an education for the first time buyer, many of whom have no practical knowledge or handyman skills of their own. New home inspections may or may not discover deficiencies in the home’s systems or components.  The home inspector will be there with the buyer through the PDI, Pre Delivery Inspection, 30 Day Inspection and/or 1 Year Inspection. During the Hamilton home inspection, Waterdown home inspection or Burlington home inspection process it is critical that the buyer and home inspector concentrate on details, the home inspector will provide digital photos, email report and a Home Reference Manual. Many first time buyers believe the price of a new home inspection is not affordable or not necessary, however, if you always rely on the builder, friend, relative or family member to look after your best interests you are sadly mistaken. The  friend, relative or family member may only be giving you advise based on his or hers own experience and not the correct technical knowledge  with respect to building and home maintenance issues. The buyer should be familiar with the new home warranty plan and deficiency report deadline dates, missing the reporting deadlines can be very costly in completing the required service work as noted. Consider very carefully and ask yourself  what will I gain from the home inspection, will I gain more knowledge than I already have, will I be a more educated second time buyer especially if I decide to purchase an older home, if the answer is “YES”, then a new home inspection is worthwhile.

Soffit not completed, weather, vermin entry             Attic insulation has voids, heat escapes into attic

into wall and roof system                                                    and possible mold formation

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