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//New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections


New home inspections especially PDI inspections are very time consuming, much time is spent detailing  cosmetic issues due to poor craftsmanship or non complete items due to supplier scheduling problems.  The new home owner should be very thorough when performing the PDI inspection; usually the site inspector for the builder is compliant to your concerns. The  30 day and 11 month new home inspection will give time for the house  to perform and other deficiencies may develop. The home inspector can then better inform the client of any possible concerns. The above picture of the hand rail and guard shows the balusters were cut and installed at different heights, obvious poor craftsmanship. The home owner chose not to have an inspector during his PDI delivery, but, waited for the 11 month inspection.

The above picture again shows poor finishing techniques by the sub contractors. The hardwood floor as it is being brought up to the sliding glass door is  1/4 to 3/8  inches short of the threshold. There are other finishing and cosmetic issues that were visually inspected during the new home inspection. The home inspector is not on a witch hunt looking for every little defect, but, he is looking after his clients best interests and attempting to highlight the need for new home inspections. New home buyers should research the builders reputation, visit current owners if possible and ask if the PDI representative and site supervisor are looking after their concerns in a timely fashion.

All new home buyers should be familiar with the TARION Warranty Program; document and photograph all deficiencies within the warranty guide lines and ensure timely processing.

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