10 Most Frequent House Problems

//10 Most Frequent House Problems
10 Most Frequent House Problems 2018-06-17T18:09:15-04:00

The following problems are typical observations when performing a home inspection service on older or renovated homes, BLT is a Registered Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector serving Hamilton and the surrounding area.

1. Negative surface Grading/Poor Drainage

The home inspector found this problem to be a major contributor for  allowing water  entry into the basement and crawl spaces. Poor location and below grade drainage of downspouts.

2. Improper Electrical Wiring

A common deficiency found was not grounded circuits, lack of GFI’s near a water source and exterior outlets. Panel upgrades usually connected to junction boxes leaving all in home circuits not grounded.

3. Roof Damage

The home inspection service found that worn shingles and poor chimney flashing allowed water penetration into the attic space resulting in damage to interior ceilings and possible mould formation.

4. Heating System

Problems in this category identified by home inspectors were dirty filters, improper drainage connections for the condensate and poor distribution in renovated basements.

5. Poor Overall Maintenance

This is demonstrated by such signs as cracked, peeling, or dirty painted surfaces, crumbling masonry, makeshift wiring or plumbing, and broken fixtures or appliances.

6. Structurally Related Problems

Many houses, as a result of problems in one or more of the other categories, sustain damage to such structural components as foundation walls, floor joists, rafters and windows and door headers. Another significant problem that a good home inspection service should uncover.

7. Plumbing

Plumbing defects rank high among renovated and older homes, home inspectors encountered improper venting, S traps, connections between dissimilar metals, dishwasher drains connections.

8. Exteriors

Flaws in a home’s exterior, including windows, doors, and wall surfaces, are responsible for the discomfort of water and air penetration, but rarely have structural significance. Inadequate caulking and/or weather stripping are the most common causes discovered in a home inspection.

9. Poor Ventilation

Sealing homes and the lack of ventilation, bathroom and kitchen exhausts, insulation covering soffit vents in the attic has resulted in excess humidity which can affect wood structures and create a breeding ground for mould formation.

10. Miscellaneous

This category includes primarily interior components, such as, the lack of handrails/guards on stairways, bathroom mould, fixtures not operating properly and cosmetic issues.

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Corey McLaughlin
Corey McLaughlin
17:04 07 Aug 19
Bruce did a wonderful and attentive home inspection of my dads home. We had a home inspection by the previous owner that was only 3 years old and Bruce identified many issues the other home inspector missed. We have peeled the house back to the framing and as Bruce predicted there were no issues where he said there would be no issues. If you want a trusted home inspector who provides fast and easy to understand notes then this is the company to hire!
S Kerr
S Kerr
12:11 06 May 19
Bruce was a pleasure to work with as we did the inspection for our new home. He encouraged us to accompany him through the home, pointing out details that would later be a part of our report (which we received the same day). The report we received was highly detailed, clear, and easy to understand. I have know Bruce for a number of years, and his integrity and experience are extremely valuable in what he does. He not only looks at the home, but at the environment in the area we were buying in and was able to point out things to watch out for in the future (e.g. underground streams, bedrock. Many thanks!
Karen Sifton
Karen Sifton
00:08 22 Mar 19
Bruce was so easy to deal with. He provided a thorough inspection and report was prepared and in my hands within 24 hours. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and flexible with appointment times. I highly recommend him
Matt Galvin
Matt Galvin
13:05 04 Mar 19
Bruce arrived at least 10 minutes before the appointment, and spent the time starting to look around. He was informative during the inspection, and the report after was detailed and easy to understand. He followed up a few days after, as well as a few weeks after asking if there were any other questions. I would recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a home inspection
Cameron Hubling
Cameron Hubling
16:22 28 Feb 19
Bruce did a fantastic job of a home inspection on a house we purchased for our son. He was very professional and provided a detailed report which we were able to use to have the house price reduced to correct some issues. I was truly impressed with the quick turnaround with the report which we needed in a couple of days for the final offer. I would highly recommend him.
Noella Peterson
Noella Peterson
19:35 26 Feb 19
We hired Bruce to assist us with completing our 1 year Tarion new home warranty list. He was very thorough and identified a few items that we would not have found on our own. He also gave us some maintenance tips for our home.
Donna Kresak
Donna Kresak
22:07 08 Sep 18
I contacted BLT Home Inspections on a referral from another professional home inspector who was not able to do the work for me on the day I needed the job done. I was looking for efficient, punctual and thorough reporting with keen observations and professional advice that I could trust. I was not disappointed. Bruce was right on time, and ready to work. He was pleasant and polite , respectful of the property and took needed time to examine all aspects of the livable area of the home according to his business contract. He answered all my questions well and pointed out areas of recommendation both on site and soon after through a straightforward report. His report was complete and included pictures with pointers as reference. I am very happy with the results of his work and would definitely recommend BLT Home Inspection Services. Excellent job!
14:22 29 Oct 17
Bruce has been great. Will highly recommend him.
Sanjit Katoch
Sanjit Katoch
19:23 13 Oct 16
Bruce completed two of our inspections, before we moved into our home, we truly appreciated the thoroughness of his report and the details he covered, and the advice presented in the report! Would definitely recommend him to family and friends!!
Julie P
Julie P
01:11 15 Jul 16
We are very happy with our inspection report from Bruce. He was punctual, thorough and included lots of pictures with recommended timelines for repair. With details from his report we were able to have the sellers agree to repair a problem before closing. A problem we probably would've missed and had to pay thousands for down the line. I would recommend BLT to family and friends.
Lynn Domenici
Lynn Domenici
15:46 23 Apr 16
Bruce more than exceeded our expectations of a home inspector. He reflected a high level of knowledge in his field. He was punctual and had the time management skills and ability to meet our deadline on time. We would not hesitate to recommend BLT Home Inspections to any of our friends.
John G
John G
22:41 20 Apr 16
Bruce did a great job with our home inspection. I work in the home and property management business and I've seen many issues that arise in the home. I felt that Bruce was spot on with his identification of the status of items on the home inspection checklist. His report was very well written and packed with great, well explained images. I will use his report as my list of 'things to do' as soon as we take possession of the home.
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