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You and your family spend approximately 90% of your time indoors, so indoor air quality is critical to ensure your optimal health and comfort. A simple visual home mould inspection from a Registered Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector can visually identify any potential mould problem areas in your home.

Breathing difficulties and allergies are just a few of the health problems that can occur as a result of poor indoor air quality in your home. Poor ventilation, excess humidity, water leaks etc. are factors that can lead to unhealthy air quality. Mould (Canadian/British spelling) or mold (American spelling) fungi is often found growing in moist, damp or excessively humid spaces, such as, attics, bathrooms and basements.

Mould spores contain allergens and irritants that Health Canada considers a potential health risk. Coughing, wheezing and headaches are common symptoms that may be experienced if mould is present in a home. Asthma sufferers are particularly at risk to symptoms caused by mould in a home, as mould can trigger an asthma attack. Verifying the existance and type of mould discovered, air quality samples must be tested in a laboratory setting. 

There are several things that you can do if you suspect mould may be in your home:

  • Have a professional home inspection service from a Registered Home Inspector, with a focus on dampness/mould inspection.
  • If mould is present in your home, use soap (detergent) and water to clean it up.
  • Ensure your home has good ventilation and fresh air exchange – lack of fresh air can lead to excessive humidity. Fans or dehumidifiers can be used in parts of your home that are damp.
  • Regularly change air filters – they collect dust and contaminants.
  • Ensure air conditioners, humidifiers and de-humidifiers are properly cleaned and serviced – stale water in these units can lead to the growth of mould fungi. Keep the relative humidity in your home below 50% in the summer and 30% in the winter.
  • Fix leaky roofs, walls, and basements, seal all ceiling junction boxes where an attic is above.

Contact your Hamilton home inspection service – BLT Home Inspections – today and arrange for your mould inspection.

14:22 29 Oct 17
Bruce has been great. Will highly recommend him.
Sanjit Katoch
Sanjit Katoch
19:23 13 Oct 16
Bruce completed two of our inspections, before we moved into our home, we truly appreciated the thoroughness of his report and the details he covered, and the advice presented in the report! Would definitely recommend him to family and friends!!
Julie P
Julie P
01:11 15 Jul 16
We are very happy with our inspection report from Bruce. He was punctual, thorough and included lots of pictures with recommended timelines for repair. With details from his report we were able to have the sellers agree to repair a problem before closing. A problem we probably would've missed and had to pay thousands for down the line. I would recommend BLT to family and friends.
Lynn Domenici
Lynn Domenici
15:46 23 Apr 16
Bruce more than exceeded our expectations of a home inspector. He reflected a high level of knowledge in his field. He was punctual and had the time management skills and ability to meet our deadline on time. We would not hesitate to recommend BLT Home Inspections to any of our friends.
John G
John G
22:41 20 Apr 16
Bruce did a great job with our home inspection. I work in the home and property management business and I've seen many issues that arise in the home. I felt that Bruce was spot on with his identification of the status of items on the home inspection checklist. His report was very well written and packed with great, well explained images. I will use his report as my list of 'things to do' as soon as we take possession of the home.
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