Insulation FAQ

What Are The Signs Of Poor Insulation?

Are your energy bills soaring? Experience uneven temperatures or excess moisture? Discover the signs of poor insulation and improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

How Do You Tell If There Is No Insulation In Walls?

Learn how to identify if there is no insulation in your walls. This informative post provides visual inspection methods, thermal imaging techniques, drilling tests, electrical outlet tests, sound tests, energy audits, and more. Ensure your space stays warm and cozy all year round.

How Do You Test Attic Insulation?

Learn how to test the insulation in your attic with these effective methods. From visual inspection to thermal imaging, discover the best ways to ensure your attic insulation is doing its job. Improve energy efficiency and maintain a healthy attic space.

How Do You Deal With Poor Insulation?

Learn how to deal with poor insulation in your home. Discover practical tips and strategies to identify problem areas and implement efficient solutions. Say goodbye to chilly drafts and high energy bills!

Can You Put New Insulation Over Old?

Yes, you can put new insulation over old! Discover the benefits, debunk common myths, and learn the steps to ensure a successful installation in this informative post.

How Do You Tell If Your House Is Poorly Insulated?

How Do You Tell If Your House Is Poorly Insulated? Learn the signs of inadequate insulation causing discomfort, high energy bills, and temperature fluctuations. Improve energy efficiency and comfort now.

How Do You Know If Fiberglass Insulation Is Bad?

Wondering if your fiberglass insulation is bad? This informational post explores signs of deterioration, from mold presence to reduced energy efficiency. Find out if it’s time for a replacement.

How Do I Know If My House Needs New Insulation?

Discover how to determine if your house needs new insulation! Learn about the signs, visual inspection, thermal imaging, energy audits, and consultation with insulation professionals. Ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Where Is The Biggest Heat Loss In A House?

Discover the biggest heat loss in a house and learn how to prevent it. This informational post covers roof, windows, walls, floor, chimneys, ductwork, HVAC systems, air leaks, and ventilation. Improve energy efficiency and lower your bills!

How Many Years Does Insulation Last?

Discover how long insulation can last and factors that affect its lifespan. Learn about different insulation materials and signs of deterioration.

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